Nutreco | Adding value in the feed-to-food chain

Adding value in the feed-to-food chain

Nutreco demonstrating a fully, integrated and holistic approach

Nutreco develops innovative products to deliver high-quality feed in order to achieve the best performance in farmed animals and fish. Nutreco is an essential link in the feed-to-food chain between the many raw materials used in animal nutrition and fish feeds, and the producers of meat, dairy products and fish. By applying their knowledge of feed ingredients and the nutrition of animals and fish, they create optimum value from limited natural resources.

  • The Nutreco business model, based on the capitals framework, demonstrates how Nutreco adds value.
  • Nutreco’s clean-cut and colourful corporate identity is explored further in this year’s report.
  • The clear report structure and an accessible design using icons and colour coding create a real intuitive experience.