ASMI | Connecting the future

Connecting the future

ASMI’s next step in corporate reporting.

As an innovative high-tech company, ASM International creates highly advanced technological possibilities that benefit the world with breakthroughs in semi-conductor production. ASMI’s dynamic company image creates a solid platform for professional communication in line with the company’s activities and ambitions.

ASMI’s first online corporate reporting portal and third online annual report are the next step in engaging their target audiences and providing the reader with easy access to information.

  • The corporate reporting portal contains a number of reports: the Statutory Annual Report, Form 20-F, Reconciliation US GAAP-IFRS, Remuneration Report and ASMI’s first Corporate Responsibility Report.
  • The portal gives the reader a brief overview of the highlights and easy access to the various reports.
  • ASMI’s first Corporate Responsibility Report is designed as an easy to navigate interactive pdf. The report provides ASMI’s stakeholders with more in-depth information about ASMI’s progress and its ambitions for the future.