Enexis | Working together on the energy transition

Working together on the energy transition

Enexis in dialogue with its stakeholders

Enexis transports gas and electricity in the North, East and South of the Netherlands to 2.7 million households and companies. Enexis’s annual report facilitates the dialogue with its four main stakeholder groups: shareholders, customers, employees and society in general.

Based on the communication style that was recently strengthened by DartGroup, a concept was developed for the online annual report, whereby the emphasis lies on providing comprehensive information that is presented in a clear and concise manner. Enexis manages the content of the Dutch and the English version of the report itself using the CORE content management system.

  • Homepage with a strong, visual, but above all functional corporate presentation.
  • Quick and easy access to the most popular content.
  • Visual support of the content by means of clear infographics and easily readable graphs.
  • Functional interactive PDF that enables a fast navigation through the annual report.