Nuon | Towards sustainable and flexible energy

Towards sustainable and flexible energy

Nuon’s results presented in new style

Nuon is an energy company that serves approximately 2 million households, businesses and organisations in the Netherlands. Nuon produces and delivers gas, electricity and energy-related products. It also aims to help its customers reduce their energy consumption and save energy. Nuon strives for a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply.

The theme of the annual report ‘Towards sustainable and flexible energy’ is in line with Nuon’s proposition to contribute to a more sustainable energy supply. In addition to the financial results, the annual report also shows what the company has achieved and how Nuon performs where, for example, health and safety are concerned.

  • The concept for the annual report was developed in line with the revitalised colourful house style.
  • A clear design of the graphs and tables ensures a good readability.
  • A functional interactive PDF that enables a fast navigation through the annual report.