TenneT | Making the connection

Making the connection

TenneT aims to maintain the highest security of supply

TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator active in the Netherlands and in a large part of Germany. TenneT ensures a reliable supply of electricity for 36 million end-users.

The company positions and profiles itself as a modern and innovative organisation. This was one of the points of departure for the development of the Integrated Annual Report 2014. The brand values Responsible, Engaged and Connected form the central themes in TenneT’s annual report. The focus lies on the online Annual Report which gives all of the company’s stakeholders, both internal and external, a clear picture of the developments at TenneT. The content was produced using the CORE CMS.

  • Second online publication of the TenneT Integrated Annual Report.
  • TenneT enters into a dialogue with its stakeholders by publishing online and in three languages.
  • TenneT has complete control over the content by making use of the CORE content management system.
  • The design was also the starting point for the rollout of the whole visual identity.