value creation

We live in a time of constant change, where conditions aren’t fixed and people are no longer predictable. Defined target groups and channels cease to exist. In this new era stakeholders become increasingly critical and demand transparency and responsibility. It has never been more relevant to understand who your stakeholders are and what meaningful value they seek. What does this imply for corporate reporting?

Research proves that companies with high levels of trust enjoy better stock prices, improved profits and better retention of employees. Creating trust can no longer be realised by simply providing historical financial data and limiting reporting to just compliance. The corporate reporting mix should be considered as a strategic communication instrument and reputation driver with the aim of both informing and involving stakeholders. Creating engagement through openness, conversation and in-depth information that gives real insight into the underlying strategy, performance and goals.

That’s why we believe in adding context to the mandatory content to create a more attractive and differentiated picture of a company. In our opinion this will lead to better investor understanding and stakeholder relationships. It is not just about what you do but why you do it and how involved you communicate about it.

We focus on achieving stakeholder intimacy and the user experience. We understand the changes in reporting requirements, in technology as well as the increasing diversity of stakeholders and the information they desire. Together with our clients we determine what kind of reporting and what mix of media serve the company and stakeholders best. We develop reports in line with the company’s ambition and the current trends: increasingly online, narrative, social, integrated and continuous.