AEGON | 2018 Integrated Annual Report

Aegon helps customers achieve a lifetime of financial security in a constantly changing world. The corporate reporting mix has become a more holistic and integrated experience over the years.

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Future Fit

This is the first year that Aegon has published a fully integrated annual report. It reflects Aegon’s mission to help people remain financially secure throughout their whole lives. The integrated report provides a clear and balanced overview of the company’s operations, strategy and performance.


It also details the value created and shared with its stakeholder groups: customers, employees, business partners, investors and the wider community and how we safeguard this value through a responsible approach to business practices.


Important aspects of the report:

  • Aegon publishes an integrated annual report and an integrated annual report on Form 20-F, both with an integrated GRI Index.
  • Aegon has complete control over the contents for the development of the annual report and annual report on Form 20-F by making use of CORE, Dart’s content-management system.

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