AEGON | 2016 For a lifetime

Aegon helps customers achieve a lifetime of financial security in a constantly changing world. The corporate reporting mix has become a more holistic and integrated experience over the years.

Aegon customers around the world
years partnership with DartGroup for corporate reporting

For a lifetime

This year’s theme ‘For a lifetime’ is a core element of Aegon’s purpose. It reflects their long-term commitment to their customers. It also relates to the increase in life expectancy that is shaping demographics all over the world. The Integrated review offers a holistic view of the company. It also gives customers, employees, investors and business partners an overview of major events of the year, examples of how they engage with their business partners and stakeholders, and provide an outline of the most significant issues that influence their business and customers. Stakeholders give their point of view about the global trends impacting the industry.


What is characteristic for the entire mix:

  • DartGroup is responsible from concept to realization, the development of the online interactive PDF and print production
  • A non-standard landscape page format provides space to explain how Aegon creates and shares value
  • For the development of the Annual Report 2016 and Form 20-F, Aegon has complete control over the content by making use of CORE: Dart’s collaboration tool/content management system

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