ASMI | 2017 Expanding perspectives

ASMI is a leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment for wafer processing.
Their technology helps create chips that are fundamental to realizing the ever-expanding
world of connections.

report combines corporate responsibility report and annual report
patents filed

Expanding perspectives

This year’s reporting mix shows the broad scope and diversity of ASMI. The concept links the innovative technologies of the company and the ability to create more and more impact with a smaller (chip) surface. Moreover, it also sets out how ASMI generates value for employees, customers, society and investors. The corporate responsibility report and annual report were combined for the first time in one report, as a further step towards integrated reporting.


  • DartGroup was responsible for the strategic direction, the concept, design, copy and editing as well as the complete execution of the report online and offline.
  • In addition, Dart also developed all the branding and communication for the shareholders’ meeting. A video was also developed for this based on the theme for this year.

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