ENEXIS | 2017 Energy that moves you

As grid operator Enexis is responsible for a reliable and safe energy supply to millions of customers. Next to this they help companies optimise their energy supply, stimulate energy savings and invest in the energy system of the future.

cases about issues that stakeholders find relevant
% reliable energy supply

Energy that moves you

The title ‘Energy that moves you’ reflects Enexis’s leading role in the (regional) energy transition. The online portal that Dart developed last year was further elaborated this year. All information is linked to each other on this one-pager in a compact and intuitive manner. Content that was created for the annual report can be used for several purposes after publication of the report.


The reporting suite consists of:

  • The annual report; publication of the Dutch and the English language versions.
  • Online portal with key figures, an introduction by the Board of Directors, stories of stakeholders and a value creation model.

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