TENNET | 2016 Empowering society

TenneT strives as European TSO to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to 41 million people. They also make every effort to meet their stakeholders’ needs by being responsible, engaged and connected.

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Integrated Annual Report 2016

TenneT empowers society by working to ensure a reliable, uninterrupted energy supply now and in the future. Crucial to this is engaging with the public to build acceptance for the maintenance and expansion of the high-voltage electricity grid. This is essential to a successful energy transition, as TenneT manages and maintains a challenging balance between traditional and renewable energy sources. The TenneT annual report aims to give all stakeholders, both internal and external, a clear picture of the developments, highlighting salient aspects.


What is Dart’s added value:

  • DartGroup gives strategic and content direction and is responsible for the concept, design and execution of the entire report
  • TenneT has complete control over the content of their annual report by making use of CORE: Dart’s collaboration tool/content management system

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