TIP | 2018 Delivering excellence, innovation and change

TIP is a leading equipment service provider. Specialized in trailer leasing, rental and maintenance & repair. TIPs 102 locations are spread over 17 countries in Europe and


pages in a compact format
graphs highlighting results
percentage revenue growth in 2018

Delivering excellence, innovation and change

TIP was aiming to take its reporting to the next level and optimize the realization process. 


Our cooperation with TIP kicked-off with the introduction of a new and fresh design, matching the companies ambitions. The previous two formats were combined into one compact version, with a strong visual appeal. Our support varied from design and photography to text finetuning and production management.


  • A more visual style and clear structure created an accessible and appealing report.
  • In the 2018 report the TIP color palette was used in a new way, for a fresher and brighter look & feel.
  • Various clear (info)graphics were developed to support and highlight content.

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